The Gender-Neutral Physics Project:

This series is co-written with a former student of mine, Ms. Helaina Thompson:

  1. Where Them Girls At?
  2. Tennis Ball Artistry (Kinematics)

Physics Must-See:

Here’s the deal: I suck at remembering things. I know that’s a common joke, but I’m honestly really really bad at it to the point of not handing back quizzes that have been graded for weeks. So, I need to keep a list of must-sees.

Please email me (shawn dot thinkthankthunk at gmail dot com) if you have something to add to this list.



  • Water skiing tensions (pyramids)
  • Processing’s PVector class
  • Ring stand off. (measure each student’s bicep curl, position around ring stand for nullification)

Acceleration vs. Velocity

Pendulums and Near-Earth Gravity:

Kinematics and Projectiles:

  • 2,000 Suspended tennis balls (Colossal)
  • Video from above, video from the front (modeling style)
  • Rendezvous with Rama (Ch 19, Pg 101) – Water as Accelerometer
  • y-z plane video, x-y plane video of projectile motion (model building)
  • World Record Blob Jump


  • The lone-hoverpuck free-body diagram.
  • Hoverpucks and bungee cords
  • A Million to One (Flea)


  • Awesome Universal Gravity Sandbox
  • My crappier sandbox
  • Saturn Simulation


Circular Motion:

Linear Momentum & Impulse:

Angular Momentum:


  • 2×4 mobiles (colossal link)


  • Volume vs depth vs surface area misconception for pressure


Table of Posts:

Inquiry Stylee is the name of the game. Here’s a table of contents for my posts on teaching physics. There’s a lot of physics teachers out there blogging, and I’m by no means the most prolific. However, I do want to offer you a look into a room that is hell-bent on being inquiry based, as well as rigorous.