Standards-Based Grading

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I no longer practice SBG in the classroom sense, although Iowa BIG is standards-based, because, um, that’s how schools should work. I also no longer believe in giving grades, but these posts are a great place to start down that rabbit hole.

Standards-Based Grading is a technique devoted to giving students formative control over their own progress (and grade). It requires, at least, a fundamental change in the behavior of your grade book, but I’ll let you read about that. I’ve written about implementing SBG in specific disciplines.

Table of Contents:

  1. Standards-Based Grading: Math (1 of 7)
  2. Standards-Based Grading: LA – English (2 of 7)
  3. Standards-Based Grading: Science – Qualitative (3 of 7)
  4. Standards-Based Grading: History (4 of 7)
  5. Standards-Based Grading: Science – Quantitative (5 of 7)
  6. Standards-Based Grading: Foreign Language (6 of 7)
  7. Standards-Based Grading: PE (7 of 7)

SBG Resources:

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