ThinkThankThunk Thurns Three! Saturn Competition

Three years. I have to admit that blogging has changed my life; holy cliché.

In three years, you all have pushed my teaching, my grading, my ability to read research, and you’ve taken what I thought was student learning and turned it into a 180-proof-burning, 12-cylinder monster.

So, thanks!

In celebration, here’s a little competition: I coded up this simulation of ring formation in a Saturn-like system. I’m not totally pleased with it, and you (and your students’) job is to make it more awesome.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 9.34.49 AMHere’s the live simulation (the code is linked at the bottom)

You’ll need to download Processing.


  1. A minor(s) must help you or be the principal coder
  2. I get to judge what’s most awesome on a purely subjective scale with no rubric or standards of any kind.
  3. Must stay in Processing
  4. Must run at least at 24 fps
  5. Submissions to are due March 29th April 5th (extended at request of participants!)


To be doled out however I feel like:

  1. $50 ThinkGeek Gift Card and the admiration of the Internet
  2. A lifetime BlueHarvest account
  3. A classroom set of Flatland by E.A. Abbott