This is what gets me out of bed with fire in my belly

Cornally: Hey, what did you learn over the summer?

Average Student: I dunno. We don’t go to school in the summer.

Cornally: Well, what books did you read?

Average Student: I don’t like reading. I played Call of Duty and hung out.

Cornally: What’s your GPA?

Average Student: 3.5

I don’t care about politics or your stupid standardized tests or anything else until this problem is fixed.


When I leave a calculus lesson sweaty and winded along with my students, how can I care about anything that doesn’t directly impact student learning?

How can I?

[Don’t you dare write a life-long-learners platitude in the comments. I’ll find you. Tell me how you light kids on fire so they can find their uniqueness, because I’m trying, but it’s going to kill me.]