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Standards-Based Gradebook Beta: Closing Up Shop Until August

Thank you all so much for your diligent beta testing of the SBGradeBook. I’m really excited by how many people jumped on board, and by how many really great ideas everyone had!

Gratuitous teacher award for participationism and citizenshipery goes to Jason Buell, the one beta tester to rule them all. He found every problem everyone else did and one extra! (It does not actually fill out an itemized 1040 long form, like I initially advertised)

All that to say that the beta will be closing down on America’s Independence Day because it has to take go see the fireworks and celebrate punching the King in the mouth.

Version 1.0 will roll out early August just in time for your little cherubs!

Thanks again, this community means a lot to me, and I hope this can be my gift.



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Shawn Cornally • July 2, 2010

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