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Mandelbrot Redux: Day 1

Ok, sorry, that last post was mean-spirited. I assure you that I’m 100% unicorns and rainbows now; it’s just, the end of the year, you know? My seniors have graduated, and I now have one (1) student in calculus for the next week. What are we going to do? He chose to go on into some more Calc II material, because he plans to take a few classes at UIowa next year.

So, here we are at the end of May lunging head long into infinite series. What does this cherub see on the super cool intro page to the chapter (you know, the only full color page that shows an apple dropping and fighter jet being totally awesome)? A freaking fractal.

He says, “let’s make those.”

I say, “Son, get the computers.”

Over the next week I will be providing you all a play-by-play of how this student and I build the Mandelbrot set from scratch. I promise that you’ll get the source code and that it will be usable by you and your students. I’m geeking out pretty hard right now.

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Shawn Cornally • May 27, 2010

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