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Guest Post: A Student (Senior)

I hope it is obvious that I did not write or edit the following quote in any way. This was submitted voluntarily by a student, and I promised him that I would post it here.

A note from Mace:

Hi, I’m Mace Windu and I’m a student in Mr.Cornally’s class and obviously Mace isn’t my real name. I have decided to do a guest blog to talk to many of you teachers who feel that some of the methods discussed on this blog are unable and ineffective of working and creating a college ready high school student.

The first topic I would like to address is the style of grading which Mr.Cornally uses. I feel that THIS IS THE BEST GRADING SYSTEM I’VE EVER HAD!!!!!! In many of my previous math classes leading up to calculus, many of the teachers simply visited material, assigned graded homework, tested on that subject, and then left that skill we had just learned to rot in the back of our brains. With this system of not grading homework, and quizzes that can be made up at any time throughout the semester, it allows a student to be more independent in their work, and forces you to learn all the material and keep it fresh in your mind each day you come to class. The fact that this homework style makes you become your own boss of time management is very important in preparing a student for college. Even though the amount of contact with faculty is far great then a student will have in college, it is more appropriate for a student at this age because it is a lecture setting where becoming a good note taker and question asker are your tools to success. Having homework not graded and having more emphasis on quizzes and tests it makes me as a student feel that learning all the material and being able to recall it at anytime is what makes this system so successful in my mind.

Another aspect that makes this class successful is the fact that when we are given quizzes and test that the question are some of the hardest problems possible for that specific area of learning. As a student I feel that making sure you know the hardest material makes doing the easier problems a breeze. It helps me understand that any problem can be solved even if it takes 2 pages to complete.

I decided to do this guest blog not to sing the praises of my teacher or write some phony post in order to try and convince you that he is good at what he does. I wanted to blog because I feel that this style of teaching is very beneficial to all students who are revealed to it. It makes me more confident as a learner that I have the tools possible to succeed in and out of the classroom. The idea that becoming your own critic when it comes to improving your grade and studying is what makes this system so awesome in my mind and I know that it will help me beyond my high school days. I hope that this post in some way helps people realize that this system could help create a life long impression on students who wish to succeed in college and in life.

Here are the things I took from that:

  1. A little embarrassed at how much he seems to be into SBG. I hope I haven’t created monsters.
  2. I love that he used the term “forces you to learn all the material.” +1!
  3. He sees himself as the “boss” of his studying. Awesome.
  4. We may need to hit grammar/diction a bit harder…
  5. I didn’t know they thought of me as a lecturer. I’m not sure how I feel about that.
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Shawn Cornally • May 14, 2010

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