Bacon-Wrapped Lessons Workshops: The Saltiest PD Ever

My boss over at IowaTransformED and I created Bacon-Wrapped Lessons in order to meet PD needs that weren’t getting met.


That’s in fact my entire job over there, and what a sweet job it is: Find problems that Iowa’s teachers are dealing with; fix them.

Sooooo, we’d like to invite any of you who are so inclined to hang out in St. Joeseph, MO June 20 & 21 of 2013. The event has been postponed; we’ll be running smaller events locally during the school year next year. We’ll be hosted by the ineffable Sean Nash as we tear up the greater Kansas City area. And by “tear up” I suppose I mean “talk about how to teach trig identities in a way that doesn’t totally suck.”

What is bacon-wrapped lessons? It’s a 2-day collaboration extravaganza! You know how you just want to sit down and talk through with other teachers how to best introduce the reproductive system (or protein synthesis, or arrays, or whatever)? Well, THAT’S WHAT THIS IS. Except with kick ass instructional coaches, and food, and bacon, and beer, and a website that collects all the lessons so everyone can use them later!

Win win win win win!