Just Throwing This Out There: ThThTh’s School for the Boredom-Averse


Is this really all that much to ask?

  • No schedules
  • No classes
  • No bells
  • No grades
  • No Grades
  • No building
  • Full inquiry-based learning
  • Student-interest driven
  • Community-focused problem generation and solving.
  • Credits given by local community college
  • Portfolio based binary assessment (every student leaves with a sweet FirstnameSurname.com to show off how their projects map back to Common Core standards)
  • Teachers as project mentors and managers
  • Healthy online repository of curated awesome.
  • Only necessary face-to-face time.

Ok. I want 100 students, 4 full-time educators, 4 consulting educators, and the use of some coworking space.

Tuition is something like $3k/year, $5k if you also sponsor a student who can’t pay.

Oh, and probably $500k to start. Anyone? VC? Angels? Iowa City?