Things My Wife and I Talk About: Margin of Error

Beautiful Wife: Shawn, on, our baby name poll has:

  • 6 votes for “Coney Atoll”
  • 5 votes for “Viper McStab”
  • 8 votes for “Rambo Brite”
  • 9 votes for “Dinosaurus Rex”

Shawn: So, the error on those are something like ± 20% (I was being nice, 95% confidence @ 1/sqrt(n))

BWife: … What?

Shawn: Well, you’re only getting a sample of the total community, so like, there’s an error because those 28 people only sort of know what the whole group might actually think about our names.

BWife: So you don’t want to talk about this then.

Shawn: … I thought I was helping.

Also from great moments in Cornally-marriage history, the papoose lesson is happening this week in my calculus course.