Dealing with the fear of being a boring teacher.


ThThTh Thecond Thanniversary!

Welcome to my third year of blogging! I love teaching; I don’t love school and all that scheduling and seat time and blah blah blah, but I sure as bananas do love teaching kids stuff.

Well, I’ve been guerrilla professional-developing for two years now. I’ve done more in these two years to become a better teacher, scientist, mathematician, and all around person than I have in the entire preceding portion of my life.

It was a lot like this:

No joke.

My students have benefited. I’ve never seen gains like this. My kids’ post-FCI scores are off the charts.

My hunch that assessment reform is the gateway drug to better teaching has been nice to see affirmed in myself and countless others around the nation. The standards-based express is pulling into a station near you.

Shoot, I even met Dan M.F. Meyer.

The Future?

You bet. We’re taking this BlueHarvest thing on the road. I have a team of programmers and some serious motivation behind me. I have to get schools to stop grading what kids don’t have, and start recording what they do have.

This is the key to the whole thing, people.

Also, I’m going to start posting heavily on project-based learning. I’ve been doing a lot of it, and there are some serious hang-ups that might deter the less masochistic.

Also, I’m putting together a summer experience for those of you in the Midwest. Think: edcamp meets a smokehouse meets a chem lab meets dirty dancing. Be prepared for awesome.

A Puzzle! With Prizes!

Last year the puzzles got figured out quickly, so here’s another. You can win a gift card! To a real store!

public static Awesome play(Progression progression){
       Audio Player = new Audio(;

public static void main(String[] args){
int lat = 60.06;
int long = 30.11;

Progression muss = new Progression(lat, long);

muss = {

Awesome answer = play(muss);


First correct answer wins a $40 ThinkGeek gift card!


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Shawn Cornally • February 19, 2012

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