Lone Wolfs [sic]

I picked this idea up, like so many things, from Dan Meyer. He claims that it’s one of those games–like chess or mancala–that just has always existed.

My students have become enamored with the game, which we’ve dubbed “Lone Wolfs.” It’s an unintentionally awesome play on words spoken by a student earlier this year (“We’re just two lone wolfs”) The time spent trying to understand whether that was poetry or paltry grammer was longer than you’d expect. Anyhoo…

Here are the rules:

  1. Choose a positive integer
  2. You lose if you choose the same number as someone else
  3. Lowest number wins

Strategy and tactics abound, but my students keep coming back to the central argument that number of players matters most.

I put together a quick website that sets up games for a random number of players. Give it a play, play it with you students. There’s always a live game, and it starts over immediately. Help us gather statistics!

[FYI: if you put your phone number in to receive text messages, that information is destroyed at the end of the game, I promise.]