Dealing with the fear of being a boring teacher.


Independent Study: Food

Tomorrow morning I’m going to get to do one of the things that makes teaching redeemable from its 37th-circle-of-hell-infinite-time-sink nature, I get to design an independent study course with an individual precocious and motivated student. Designing such courses are more indulgent for me than the students realize. It’s a way of getting someone else to…

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So, One of my Students is a Pilot

It finally happened. The planets aligned, the stars shined with approval in the Western sky as night was chased away by day. We dropped some bags of flour from an airplane in physics today. The build-up to this has been quite epic. We started planning it in August. We hit road blocks. Our pilot was…

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My Stages of Grieving for Grades

I’m getting ready to give a talk about grades. You never really know where people are at on the continuum that is assessment reform, and it makes me think back about my whirlwind tour of the assessment world during my first four years of teaching. So, if you will, the first five steps of assessment…

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