Dealing with the fear of being a boring teacher.


Copy A “Process”

I had a very nice student ask me if I would be willing to show her exactly how to do all of the math in physics before we started doing anything. She said that she learns best when she can copy a process just with different numbers, like math class. I had no idea how…

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Perhaps the job really is impossible to do right. What then?


This is what gets me out of bed with fire in my belly

Cornally: Hey, what did you learn over the summer? Average Student: I dunno. We don’t go to school in the summer. Cornally: Well, what books did you read? Average Student: I don’t like reading. I played Call of Duty and hung out. Cornally: What’s your GPA? Average Student: 3.5 I don’t care about politics or…

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Assessing Reassessment (Holding down the ‘s’ key)

I had a wonderful conversation with a very precocious student today. We’re barely three weeks into physics, and we’ve touched the following standards: Linearization Interpretations of Units Constant Velocity Model Constant Acceleration Model Orthogonal, Qualitative Free-Body Diagrams I say “touched” because, in any SBG good system, you’re never really done with anything. The students will…

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How I Teach Calculus: A Comedy (Back in the Saddle)

I’m slowly getting edged out of my math department, so I only get to teach one section of calculus this whole year. I’m greatful for the opportunity, because I love math: back to teaching math! Yippeeeee! This semester of calculus is brought to you by the concepts creativity and proof. I shudder a bit when…

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It’s Not Really Teaching Unless It’s a Required Class: Biology

…Things really are getting busy. This is literally the first time I’ve looked at ThThTh in two weeks. Perhaps taking on four jobs was a mistake, but, beansashow I’m not one to complain, it’s been unbelievably rewarding to work with so many different types of students. More on that later… I often get reminded of…

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