Projects at BIG:

The BIG school believes that student work should be public for the following reasons:

  1. We want community members to be able to raise their hands to say, "Yes! I can help this student get that done!"
  2. When students have a true audience for their work (outside the school walls) they persist longer, and create more learning
  3. Since we don't bully with points and grades, our students aren't afraid to share their progress as they learn how to fail gracefully into success

  4. Carcinogen or Not? A Popular Science Blog

    Student Tianyi Han is exploring the ever-confusing world of claims of cancer-causing products. From plastics to microwaves, she explains the science in an accessible way to help create a better informed public!

    Cross the Rubicon

    Develop a following among the Roman people.


    Student is currently gaining knowledge of the cutting edge in the field of Immuno-Oncology so that she may be equipped to shed light on a currently misunderstood portion of the immuno-oncological picture.


    The project lead is Anna Seydel. Her group's goal is to produce a myoelectric prosthetic hand that uses forearm impulses to drive a robotic prosthetic.

    Natamani (I Wish) Album

    Student Toyi Gidioni is creating an original album of African inspired gospel music in several styles, including pop, reggae, & gospel. He is playing, recording, mastering, and composing on all tracks.

    Help out with a BIG Project!

    Thank you for being interested in volunteering! Every project at BIG is combined effort of professional educators, enthusiastic students, and invested community players.

    Past volunteers have helped in the following ways:

    • Donations of equipment and money (we're a non-profit)
    • Time committment to mentor, review, or advise project development
    • Pitch new ideas or larger projects students could join
    • Encouragement!
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    How would you like to help?