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Shawn Cornally

I am a technologist in Eastern Iowa, and I live for project management. I'm a firm believer in scrum, arduino, and woodworking.

Works in: Iowa's Creative Corridor
Runs: Iowa BIG


University of Iowa - Iowa City

Master's: Science Education
Bachelor's: Physics
Minor: Geology
Endorsed: Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, & Mathematics


Iowa BIGSTEM Instructor, Leader

Created a public high school program in tandem with the Cedar Rapids Community School District, College Community School District, and Folience (IA).

Hawthorn Data SciencePartner

Custom full-stack data analysis solutions. Including:

  • Built backend architectures for transitioning from obsolete systems.
  • Realtime front ends for off-site managerial decision making.
  • Training in open source technologies for existing employees

University of Iowa Lecturing Professor – 2011 - Present

097:105 - Societal and Educational Applications of Physical & Chemical Sciences


Sharing lesson ideas for science and math.

Project BBQ

ThThTh IndustriesOwner, Developer

Designer, programmer, and manager of Project BBQ: Competency Based Education, Solved.

Speaking & PD:

After working with students, my favorite thing to do is help other teachers think of awesome lessons and explore educational experiments. Consider shooting me an email to set-up and Inquirist's Cookbook session with your STEM teachers

  • 4.2016 - Moderated a panel discussion on the intersection of education and technology at Mission Creek.
  • 4.2016 - Permission to Play. Keynote given at the Iowa Children's museum on protecting the concept of unencumbered joy and creativity at all ages.
  • 2013-2015 - A truly awesome amount of speaking and learning about starting Iowa BIG
  • 3.2013 - Inquirist's Cookbook - Prairie Lakes AEA
  • 2.2013 - Bacon-Wrapped Lessons Workshop - with Trace Pickering & IowaTransformEd
  • 2.2013 - Graettinger-Terrill SBG introduction
  • 10.2012 - Chicago Area Association of Physics Teachers
  • 10.2012 - Noyce Scholarship Seminar - Grading Matters at Least One Order of Magnitude More Than You Think it Does
  • 10.2012 - Global Math Department
  • 08.2012 - School Administrators of Iowa Conference - Competency-Based Ed. Experiments and Teacher-Built Simulations
  • 07.2012 - Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids, IA - Dealing With the Fear of Being a Boring Teacher: Year Five
  • 06.2012 - University of Iowa Modeling Workshop - Assessment Within the Physics-Modeling Framework
  • 05.2012 - Global Physics Deparment - Assessment & Misconceptions & Fremilab
  • 01.2012 - Keynote AEA8 Superintendents - Teachers as Experimentalists
  • 06.2011 - Ignite Education - "A" Through "F": A Silly Thing
  • 05.2011 - TEDxEastsidePrep - Pointslessness: The Future of Education Without Coercion or Toy Economies
  • 06.2011 - American Reason Radio - Systemic education reform. Featuring Dr. Tae.
  • 06.2011 - Iowa State Modeling Instruction Workshop - Education's Dirty Laundry: Assessment
  • 05.2011 - Wisconsin Mathematics Council, Presenter - Assessment: A Journey of a Thousand Chagrins
  • 09.2010/02.2011 - University of Iowa Methods in Secondary Science Education, Guest Lecture - Inquiry Techniques Motivated by Technology and Assessment Reform
  • 07.2010 - Grant Wood Area AEA - Motivations and Experiences Using Standards-Based Assessment


Think Thank Thunk Nominated for edublog of the year (11-12) and best teacher blog.


GOOD Magazine


Practicum Students Hosted:


Edited the ACT Science Test 2011

Provided consult to ACT for their science sub exam on prior knowledge concerns, relevancy, and rhetoric.

Modeling Physics ISU Summer Workshop 2011

Participated in a Modeling Physics workshop (a la Hestenes). Modeling physics trains teachers to surgically destroy misconceptions and to help scaffold ever-increasingly complex models of the natural world.

Plasma Physics Laser Technician – 2004-2008

Designed, built, and maintained diode laser systems for plasma diagnostics.

Geophysics Electrical Surveyor

Designed and fabricated a unique resistivity surveying system for use with <10m archaeology.

Condensed Matter Physics Programmer

Conducted internal investigations into the electronic structure of several unique Indium-Arsenide quantum dot structures in an attempt to invert angular momentum states.

Iowa Children's Museum Curriculum Designer

Designed and conducted courses for students enrolled in ICM enrichment courses. Topics included: Weather, biology, math, chemistry, and the philosophy of science.

Web Development:

I make apps to help school work:

Favorite Technologies:

Computer Programming, Mark-up, & Design

  • PHP
  • Processing
  • Arduino
  • C++
  • JQuery
  • CSS3 & Sass
  • MySQL & PDO
  • Inkscape+GIMP
  • GIT & Capistrano
Publications & Awards


News Media

Scholarly Journals

  • Iowa Science Teacher's Journal - "Managing the Coupled-Inquiry Cycle Through Faux Grant Writing"
  • The Science Teacher. Invitation to Inquiry. December 2010, Vol. 77, No. 9.

Music Performance and Recording

Instructs students in guitar and bass guitar. Numerous performances and recordings on guitars and percussion.

Christmas Carols

Cooking Personal Chef 2006 - Present

A fully apprenticed French sous chef, with experience designing menus for 2-50 persons.

Charcuterie Curing and Smoking

Bacons and Briskets, Hams and Hocks. Email to order.


Slips and belts

Brews and Tinctures Beers and Bitters

Specializes in stouts and gentian bitters.

Tolkien Studies Philosophy & Moralism

Studies the concepts of marriage, love, and servitude through the lens of the ring. Paper forthcomming.

While I love speakings gigs, I'd much rather sit down with your group and hash out some sweet actionable plans for killing boring. shawn.thinkthankthunk@gmail.com